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Bra Fitting Courses

Bra Fitting Courses (using a tape measure)

This is a practical training course, using a tape measure technique, where you can learn how to fit the correct bra size not only for yourself but also for all customers. This is suitable for people with previous experience or no formal bra fitting training.

80 per cent of women in the UK are wearing the wrong bra and this course will give everyone valuable knowledge and practical experience, working with a tape measure and using live models.

This course encompasses Fashion and Specialised Bra Fitting (Mastectomy/Enlargement and Reduction Surgery).

Based in the West End of London this comprehensive and broad based course will ensure that you leave with confidence knowing that you can assess the correct bra for all women using a tape measure. We work with the top lingerie brands (both fashion and sports/surgical) which represent this important and thriving market.
This new skill will ensure that you can transform the women who are your customers, help change their silhouette and give them more confidence!

Fitting Room Etiquette
Exploring the importance in providing the best professional service to all customers to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident with their fitting experience.

All Women are different, some are very sensitive and embarrassed and it might have taken a lot of courage for them to ask to be fitted. However, if they have a good experience then you have a customer who will return as well as recommending to her family and friends. Wearing correctly fitted bras will help support the bust and give a better shape. Learn how to find and fit the right bra for each customer.

Specialised Fitting
There are a number of occasions when it is necessary to fit for a special bra i.e. following mastectomy, breast enlargement/reduction surgery and for sports. Wearing the correctly fitted bras will support the bust and giving a better shape and successful long term results.

We allow plenty of time for practical experience, using live models.

Product Knowledge
Understanding about the variances of sizing, style, shapes, construction and fabrics. Also discussing Link Sales and how to increase your sales.

Troubleshooting Overview
Questions and answers regarding topics that have arisen throughout the course and feedback.

Small Classes
Based in the West End
Price: £300 (including VAT)


Course Dates
Courses run weekly each Wednesday.

Please co
ntact Amanda Jackson on amanda@ashleystewart.co.uk or 020 7580 9103 to book your place.

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Customer Testimonials

“The training morning was an all round great experience! The trainer was highly informative and she really opened our eyes to the importance of having a properly fitted bra. We learnt that every bra fitting experience should be unique to the customer –everyone is different” - Natalie

“I attended the Ashley Stewart Bra Fitting training; I found it to be informative and enlightening. The trainer was very knowledgeable she explained to us how to measure and what type of bras suited different breasts. I really recommend the training.” – Belinda

“Really pleased with the training today. We were shown all about bra fitting and bra styles. I was surprised to discover my real size!” – Kirsten

“At a time when trainings are so scarce I was glad to be invited by Ashley Stewart Ltd to attend bra fitting training. The atmosphere was lovely; Angela listened carefully to our queries and answered thoroughly . I feel confident the new acquired skills make me a more qualified Sales Consultant” – Alicia

“The really beauty of the training is that it follows a simple structure and it is interactive enabling the student to become skilled at bra fitting training in a short amount of time! Great to have such a small group on the training course” – Maria

“Thank you again for today! Angela was great and we left feeling very excited about fitting” - Amelia

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